Chairman’s Message


I admire the efforts being done by the Partap World School in establishing a liaison between the teachers and parents with regards to the work being done by the student in the school and at home.

It bestows me with the bliss & pride to share my, till now, journey with PWS and his young brilliant Superheroes. It has been an outstanding experience in directing and controlling through agitated times and certainly yes, there were lots of unforgettable occasions, the memories of which force me to shed tears of joy to drip down on my cheeks!!!

Being young in years and spirit, we have earned the reputation of INSTITUTION OF EXCELLENCE due to rich in academic experience, sports and artistic exposure. Our schooling methodology is designed on proven avant-garde methodologies to contour overall development of a child and enhance their abilities, talents, brainpower & self-confidence and encourage the spirit of competition in a child, which directs them to become a successful & kind human being in the society and finally become an admirable citizen of the INDIA…

With the help of student-centered & project based learning techniques have proved lucrative and advantageous students as well as teachers, thus booming their inner knowledge at the same time.

It is my earnest prayer to the God to bless the Partap World School with the strength and ability to success in this voyage of development and grace!!

Safe and secured dialing facility by the children to their home. The latest secure phone call technology lets the children make a phonecall at their registered mobile numbers given by the parents. It is a server based technology with security access.