It is now a well-proved reality that the ability of a kindergarten curriculum has a major impact throughout the child’s early year’s development. PWS Kindergarten is a wing where the learning quality of your little heroes begins with our Playschool and Nursery programs, and aspires to prepare them all for primary school education, in that way assuring a smooth transition from Kindergarten to primary school.

At PWS, we truly believe in the name ‘Kindergarten’ which stands for ‘the garden of children’. Here we not only feel but treat children like flowers and they need a special care to be blossom by watering care on them. This is possible by a joint effort of our teachers as well as of all family members contributing learning environment.

We strongly believe that at this tender age, children has the highest learning capacity through ‘practical experiments and direct experiences’. Therefore, our Kindergarten programs have been planned to render children with the copious opportunities to be active learners. Our focus is to shape the overall development of children via an integrated learning process.