Mission & Vision

Partap World School does their best to inculcate an enduring spirit of learning, integrity and responsible citizenship in students. Our school is based on faith, communal respect & sympathy and all members are answerable for maintaining these values. 


The School is devoted to impart learning abilities, betterment of visionary interest, brilliance and creativeness in all disciplines and great involvement in extra curriculum activities. We continuously strive to boost our wards to widen the horizon of thinking, self-confidence and deftness in expressing ideas. We anticipate that our student will leave PWS with a promise to serve others and environment along with groovier understanding of themselves and of their duties towards society.

The School aims at the all round development of the students and strives to inculcate in them a positive and healthy , physical, emotional and intellectual attitude. Efforts are so directed as to develop in them consciousness towards social obligation, appreciation of Indian art, culture, music, theatre, dance and yoga together with computer literacy and understanding of the importance of physical fitness as these traits combine to form a well-balanced personality

We want our students to discover their passion,and pursue it for the sheer joy of the intellectual journey . No amount of rote learning or spoon feeding facts simply to pass exams can compare with the excitement of exploring a subject that fascinates and engages you, making learning adventure, not a chore.

We believe “Your Child Is Our Child