PWS Launched Overseas Admissions & Scholarships Cell

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July 19, 2018
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PWS Launched Overseas Admissions & Scholarships Cell

A unique initiative, in collaboration with eduVelocity Global, PWS has launched an overseas and scholarship assistance cell to discover and hone individual hidden talent amongst students of classes 9 through 12. This cell is headed by eduvelocity’s counselor Ashima Vasudev. Introducing this cell, Mr BB Mahajan, Mr Sunny Mahajan and Mr Vishal Mahajan stressed the need for students’ to study with passion and focus. This initiative will bring forth hidden talent amongst students based on which students will secure admission to world’s best universities through gaining confidence and exposure.

Says, eduVelocity Global founder and Managing Partner, Vinu Warrier: “ I cannot think of a more meaningful way of spending my time than in helping bright talented young students finding good homes across the globe where they may fully realize their potential to make a difference in the world.

Quoting Punita Singh, heading this initiative and Vice president of eduVelocity Global Counsels said, “eduVelocity has been pursuing a singular goal for the last four years, i.e. finding the best university for every student. We firmly believe in the philosophy, that while all of them might not have the same talent, we at eV should ensure equal opportunities for all our students because each one is a star in the making.” To the students she says, “… buzz around, fly around, collect lots of knowledge, lots of experience and do not be scared to fail. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t fly, and soon, trust me, you will soar like an eagle.”

eduVelocity for its class of  Class  of 2018 showed stellar results—over 400 admissions offers from top-ranked “best fit“ universities across the globe with scholarships of more than US $3.6 million.

From engineers and computer scientists, to anthropologists, culinary artists, industrial designers, film makers, healthcare leaders, psychologists, luxury brand managers, international policymakers, creative writers, lawyers and even a kinesiologist… the Class of 2018 includes undergraduate and graduate students with an amazing diversity of interests and backgrounds, personalities and personal aspirations about shaping global careers for themselves. Yet, what they share in common, today, are multiple admissions and scholarship offers from the overseas universities that best fit their dreams about tomorrow.

Students have been accepted at Ivy League universities like Cornell and UPenn – Wharton, to such highly selective privates like SCAD and Georgetown University; to “public Ivys” as University of Michigan, UC Berkeley, UC Riverside, UMass Amherst, UNC Chapel Hill, UW-Madison, and University of Illinois Urbana Champagne; to University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, McMaster University, McGill, and other world-ranked Canadian universities; to several G8 universities in Australia; universities like Groningen and Leiden in Europe; as well as universities like Cambridge, Manchester and Warwick in the UK.

To the students she says, “… buzz around, fly around, collect lots of knowledge, lots of experience and do not be scared to fail. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t fly, and soon, trust me, you will soar like an eagle.”

About eduVelocity

With more than 35 years of collective experience, eduVelocity is an international group of trained, qualified, and experienced education counselors who help students—from grade 9through grade 12 and from first-year through fourth-year of undergraduate studies—make the “best-fit” education and career choices for themselves, in India andoverseas.

We are not “agents” paid by universities or a “higher education fair” company, or an “immigration agency”, or a “coaching center” for tests like SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, or TOEFL. Our only commitment is to our individual students and families. And, we ensure a 100% success rate in preparing them for admissions with scholarships to the world’s best universities across the U.S., Canada, U.K., Europe, Singapore, Australia, and beyond, by integrating a variety of services including psychometric testing; academic, aptitude and career counseling both for India and overseas; life skills development; stream selection; program selection; profile development; long-term mentoring; and one-on-one, personalized assistance with every step of the application process.



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