PWS provided key inputs at Nationwide Talk Series on Reinventing Schools

Best Practices to Nurture the Students at Kindergarten
August 3, 2018
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August 16, 2018

PWS provided key inputs at Nationwide Talk Series on Reinventing Schools

It was truly an enriching experience for all of us which has provided us with a lot of food for thought and found inspiration to revolutionize our education system.

We must commit ourselves in implementing the learning towards reinventing schools. It is our endeavour to continue to contribute to such platforms in the future as well.

Key Inputs :

  1. Transforming the role of Teachers from a subject literate -information provider to a facilitator in the learning process
  2. Adapting to change and constantly improvising on teaching methodologies
  3. Reducing the gap in the education system: Teachers with last generation’s training mustundergo refresher training to be prepared to teach today’s generation for tomorrow
  4. Introducing innovative activities in the curriculum that promote learning by doing
  5. Taking the class rooms, staff rooms etc. outdoors – maybe by teaching each subjectoutdoors at least once in a week
  6. Focusing on a curriculum that promotes team work and confidence
  7. Reinventing ourselves before reinventing the classrooms and taking more risks to introducenewer ways to learn, such as adventure sports
  8. Creating and defining a curriculum based on the student’s need and interests- where thestarting point for learning may differ but the end learning will be same
  9. Revolutionizing the role of teachers from the three R’s of Reading, Writing and Arithmeticto new three R’s- Respect, Remuneration and Reskilling
  10. Making adventure sports an integral part of the learning process
  11. Upgrading school infrastructure to develop love for anytime and anywhere learning
  12. Including outdoor sports and adventure activities as a medium to develop the emotionalquotient
  13. Developing strong character in students through a balance of classroom and outdoorlearning
  14. Creating opportunities for students to exhibit their talents and learn from their peers.


PWS Management Members meeting Headmaster, PPS, Nabha

Conclusion: Immediate implementation of aforesaid ideas based on experience, case studies & drawing inspiration from other schools is the key to Reinventing Schools.

Challenge: Managing Stress is a major problem for students & as Educators we need to find ways to help students de-stress and make them enjoy their learning

Solution: The Simplest way to de-stress is to go outdoors- create open classrooms and make outdoor activities an essential part of their daily schedule at school

Challenge: With a growing culture of nuclear families and both parents working, the essential parenting – to instil ethics and values is very visibly lacking in today’s generation

Solution: Schools must make the parents understand the importance of instilling correct value system and ethics in student. Schools can run counselling/training sessions on ideal parenting. Schools can initiate to create a platform to engage parents, students and teachers through outdoor sports or adventure activities & use it as a means to build a stronger bond between the three.

Challenge: The Quality of Teachers i.e. Teaching Methodology has drastically reduced

Solution: Teacher Training Institutes & their curriculum must be made at par with the latest teaching methodologies to meet the forthcoming needs of schools & for teachers to be more effective and efficient.

Challenge: With the ever increasing competition and the cut offs for colleges, parents are pressurising and forcing students to join tuitions just to ensure higher scholastic achievement

Solution: Specific orientation and counselling session for parents must be organized at the beginning of each academic session with a focus that tutorials after schools and personalized tuitions must be avoided as much as possible.

Challenge: Students have become very aggressive, short tempered and ego centric

Solution: Students must be encouraged to pursue Sports and Outdoor activities that help them to positively channelize their energy, develop empathy, courage & compassion and overcome self- centeredness & egotism

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