Smart Class

Smart class is just a modified way in which teachers teach & their students learn in schools. It’s a new age educational technology movement that is becoming an essential for schools. In the near future it will reach every progressive school and in every class.

PWS smart classes

Enhances teacher efficiency and output in class.
It conveys theoretical and hard to understand curriculum concepts to life in classrooms.
Creates learning a pleasurable experience for students.
Enhances educational performance of pupils.
Empowers immediate formative assessment of learning results in class.
It also endues teachers to immediately evaluate and assess the learning attained by their wards in class.

PWS are the pioneers in North India to equip with the latest Educomp Smart Class DTS (Digital Teaching System) from Pre-Nursery to 12th class. It includes Interactive Boards, digital books, inbuilt camera and large repository of academic modules, activities and much more to explore. Moreover, you can study from home with PWS online support.