PWS Photovoltaic Solar System
PWS is now equipped with 100KW Photovoltaic Solar System
December 19, 2018
State Karate Championship
Irfan Ahmed wins Gold Medal in J/K State Karate Championship
December 23, 2018

Student Career Counselors from PWS attended 1 week international workshop

School students have the whole world of opportunities ahead of them. From Scientists to Engineers to Chartered Accountants to Entrepreneurs to Artists, they can be anything they desire. However, the tremendous amount of options available to them makes the process of choosing a course stream and eventually a career more difficult and more confusing.

Counselors from Partap World School attended 1-week international career counseling at Ahmedabad University.

To avoid taking big decisions for the wrong reasons, it is very important to consult a Career Counsellor at this stage of your life. A good Career Counsellor will allow you to understand yourself, your strengths, weaknesses and interests. He/She will suggest careers/streams that will suit your personality type as well as tell you whether you’re suitable for the career plans you already have in mind, if any.

Most students end up deciding their course streams and careers simply on the basis of what their parents and their friends want to do. Even the ones who think for themselves normally select a career option based on how popular they are as per current trends. What they fail to realize that is that just because a particular option is good for their friends does not in any way mean that it will suit them. As a matter of fact, it might even be leading them towards a career and a lifestyle they will dread.